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Scenes from the first Mashup Camp at the Computer History Museum in Moutain View, CA.
Left: Ward Cunningham leads a discussion Middle: Attendees get ready to propose sessions Right: Lawrence Lessig leads a discussion about Creative Commons

Moderately useful blurb on unconferences

Aspiring web developers will definitely enjoy the Mashup Camp. The aim of this conference or camp is to further develop web applications and programs. The positive results will contribute to further development of technology, company systems, and transactions on the internet. This camp is not exclusive for people who know about web development and computer programming, even non-developers can join. Non-developers can open issues regarding computers that need improvement then web developers can brainstorm ideas to give solutions.

Attending the Mashup Camp can be expensive because this event lasts up to 2 days. It is usually held in hotels and includes meals throughout the whole day. In case you can’t afford the price, we have a Pay It Forward program where good Samaritans donate money. Another option is purchasing couponcode Wakanow, where you can purchase a discounted passes to the Mashup Camp. Remember to register online before the deadline.

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